How EVA can assist you

EVA can significantly improve everyday activities such as walking, reading, recognising objects and socialising.

Reading prints

EVA reads and vocalises text in front of its "eyes" when instructed. Gather information on your own. Shop with confidence.

Recognising things

EVA relentlessly scans and analyses your surrounding, and tells you what is happening in well-formulated sentences.


EVA always know where you are and helps you memorise new routes. Never feel lost again.

Handling messages

EVA can access e-mails and texts and not only reads them to you but helps compose a reply. Tell your story.

Handling phone calls

EVA tells you who is calling you and helps you dialing your loved ones. All without touching your handy.

Surfing the Web

EVA is connected, so you are too. Check your favourite sites on the go, or control your smart devices. Stay informed.

how it works

Eva collects and preprocess audiovisual data and sends it to your smartphone. Our mobile app processes part of the data while sending the rest to our superfast servers where all the magic happens.

Install our app

Get EVA's App installed from App Store or Google Play. This is the only step which may require assistance.

Pair the devices

With your smartphone online, turn on EVA and then run our App. The App finds EVA and connects to it.

Configure EVA

Configure EVA in from the App or by spoken words. EVA helps if you get stuck. You have an AI assistant.

Designed for Use

With EVA's intuitive user interface you can discreetly control the device trough gestures, head movements and function buttons. Use your voice for data entry. EVA's bone conduction speakers leave your ears free so you can always hear your environment. Others can't hear EVA's voice.

meet the founders

We are a small group of inventors, developers and experts of differrent sciences.

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